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Our Challenge

The years from birth to age eight have a dramatic impact on future learning, health, and success. Unfortunately, too many children arrive at kindergarten without the skills they need, and by third grade are performing below their grade level. As a result, too many children fall behind and never catch up.


Our Response

Over 50 organizations joined forces to create the Early Learning Alliance. Twenty-eight of them have made commitments to one another as dues-paying members. Our goal is to break down boundaries and create new connections to help children achieve continuing success – in school and in life.

Key Statistics

  • 29% of the more than 23,000 children ages 8 and under in Fort Worth live in poverty (2014 Texas Kids Count Report).
  • From kindergarten through third grade in Fort Worth ISD, 1,329 students were “left back” during the 2013-14 school year; 34% of third graders did not meet passing standards in 2015 (Texas Education Agency data for Fort Worth ISD).
  • Every $1 invested in early childhood produces a return of $7 (National Institute for Early Childhood Education Research)

“While there is great work being done in various regards to impact education, we must do more. It’s no secret that there remains a great need in our area and in our nation to have great public education. But, we must do more to ensure that no child’s zip code determines their future success in life. For these reasons we are working closely with the Early Learning Alliance to improve quality early learning in Fort Worth.”

Fort Worth

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