Data Sharing

The Assessment and Data Sharing Committee has the broad purpose of achieving a system in which all the adults in a child’s life have access to the information needed to create the best learning environment for that child. Current systems of assessment in the early learning field produce data about child well-being, learning outcomes, and the quality of early learning sessions, but many of those data are kept in silos, and many children and programs are left out.

The committee’s goals are to:

  1. Describe the current landscape of data related to early education
  2. Develop a plan to launch and sustain a shared data platform
  3. Integrate community level data mapping
  4. Inform the early education community and parents about data sharing and privacy

In 2015, we created a Measurement Team that created theories of change, logic models, and metrics for the family engagement, data and assessment, professional development, and governance areas. The models specify community-level outcomes for initial, intermediate, and long-term time frames, and will be further modified as part of the ongoing work of The Alliance.

In 2017, we identified the following strategies for sharing data and research.

Strategy A:  Results-Based Accountability

Create a shared data platform for community tracking and reporting on shared outcomes

Strategy B: Early Development Instrument

Present the Early Development Instrument results to community stakeholders, and develop action plans for collective impact

Strategy C: Research Roundtables

Convene roundtables for practitioners, researchers, funders, and policymakers to learn about critical sector and policy issues

Assessment and Data Sharing Committee


  • Sarah Geer, Rainwater Charitable Foundation
  • Christopher Villagran, FWISD Parents as Teachers
  • Anne Ware, Data Consultant


  • Nicole Allen, Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County
  • Sara Arispe, FWISD Associate Superintendent, Academics and Accountability
  • Michelle Buckley, ELA Coordinator
  • Lauren Doane, Lena Pope
  • Susanne Leubke, Lena Pope
  • Jackie Meeks, Cook Children's Health Care System
  • Julie Miers, FWISD Parents as Teachers
  • Cassandra Morris-Surles, FWISD Early Childhood
  • Danielle Rohr, UNT Health Science Center